Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Pets Active And Happy This Winter

Winter’s chilly weather can take a toll on humans and animals alike. And it can put a serious damper on your pets outdoor fun, today we’re gonna talk about some of our favorite ways to make this winter a little more bearable for your furry friends.


Keeping a few toys on hand to stimulate your pet, and get their blood pumping is a great method of keeping them active and healthy. For added effect, you can go ahead and put these toys near where you feed your furry buddy– so they can work off those extra treats right away. And remember folks, a little catnip goes a long way.

Down below are links to our 5 favorite cat toy options.

  1. Electric Flutter Rotating Butterfly
  2. Non-Handheld Cat Chaser Toy
  3. 3-Level Interactive Play and Exercise
  4. Feather Cat Teaser Toy
  5. Cat Toys Assortment, 29 Pieces


We wear boots and fuzzy socks around this time of year to keep our feet nice and toasty, and sometimes our pets could use a little added warmth too- to make their chilly outside time even more fun. A stellar way to protect fuzzy feet is to invest in a pair of booties for your pup. Down below are 3 pairs that go the extra mile in both cuteness and functionality.

  1. Black Booties For pups Big And Small
  2. Booties With Added Traction For An Active Pup
  3. A Super Cute Boot For Pets Of All Sizes


Like the seasons, the ways we keep our pets safe changes just a tad this time of year. Giving your dog the best winter possible is a breeze when you keep a few things in mind. Down below are our top 5 ways to keep your dog healthy and safe this winter.

  1. Do not leave your dog in a car unattended.

With how chilly the interior of your car can become around this time of year, leaving your pup in a cold car for too long can have a negative effect on their health. So consider leaving them home to catch up on some binge-watching, or check out what places are pup-friendly— so you can bring them on outings with you!

  1. Exercise to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

A great way to keep your pet in good spirits and in shape is to keep them as active as possible. We know this can be a tad hard to manage when it’s chilly out, so here are a few tips and ideas for giving your pup the playtime they need.

  • Look into indoor dog parks in your area, this is a great way to keep them out of the cold and a perfect opportunity for your pup to make some new friends
  • Bundle them up. Getting your pet a jacket and a pair of boots can be the perfect way to ensure they get all of the outside time their heart desires.
  • Create a ‘Playroom’ for your pet. You can do this by clearing furniture from a chosen space/room to give your pet a safe area to play in. For added fun, you could even add indoor climbing mats for your pup.
  1. Keeping an eye on your pet if cold symptoms present.

Just like us, pets are more prone to being sick during the colder months. If your furry pal starts showing any signs of being sick, reach out to your veterinarian as soon as possible– so they can help ensure your pet is as happy and healthy as can be.

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Keeping your dog hydrated is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer, especially with how dry the air can be around this time. Make sure your pet has fresh water as often as possible, and they’re sure to be happy campers.

  1. Our most important tip of all: Family time.

There’s nothing that matters more to your pet or makes them happier than all the love you give them. Spend time as a family, share laughs, and enjoy every little moment. Because when your pet is with you, that’s the happiest they’ll ever be.

Whether it be cuddling at night, keeping them warm and fed, or playtime during the day– your pet appreciates all the little things you do. We at Bonilla Pet Studio would like you to let you know how amazing you are and to keep it up, pet parents! Your love for your pet is a bond unlike any other.

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