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The Loss of a Beloved Pet

By: Sarrah Isenhour

Whether expected or unexpected, the loss of a beloved pet is devastating. In fact, devastating does not even touch the amount of emotion and grief following up the loss. These wonderful creatures are more than just some animal, they’re family. If you need validation that your grief is warranted, it’s right here. Consider yourself validated. Now, it is time to cope. 

Grief is very normal and even the Mayo Clinic advises you to allow yourself to mourn when facing the loss of a family member. It may seem like isolating yourself is the thing to do, but don’t get caught in that trap. Instead, surround yourself with supportive people—and if you have other pets, lavish them with extra love because they are feeling the loss too in their own special ways. Lastly, be sure to take care of yourself during this time. Eat, do something nice for yourself, and get some exercise in.

Our pets are only with us for a short while, and losing them is the equivalent of losing a part of ourselves from all the energy mutually invested in the relationship. It’s okay to be lost for a little while, but your pet wouldn’t want you to grieve forever. Instead, they would want you to live the fullest life you can. After all, isn’t that what you tried to give them?


Sarrah Isenhour is the Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales at Bonilla Pet Photography. She loves her four finicky feline fur babies and one precocious pooch. Celebrating the bond pet parents have with their pets is her passion, and she actively works with other pet parents to capture their bonds through arranging pet portraits.

The Memorial Wall in our studio where we have portraits of every pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge since we made their portrait.  [/caption]

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