Meet our staff! Each member of our team is excited to meet you and capture lovely memories of your fur baby and family! Learn more about us and what we do below. 

Meghan – Operations Assistant

Meghan is a Florida native who has loved both dogs and photography her whole life. After moving to Chesapeake, she was thrilled to find Bonilla Pet Studio – somewhere that she could put both of her passions to work!

“My favorite part of my job is getting to experience the excitement of the portrait sessions themselves! Nothing is better than watching the pets and their parents enjoy the fun of having their portraits made.”

She is the pet parent of a “cranky” Shibu Inu, named Miya.

Hannah – Director of order fullfiment

Hannah was born and raised in Virginia. No matter where she was in Virginia, she always took the passion for photography with her. Photography started as a hobby, but quickly changed into a fulfilling career here at Bonilla Pet Studio where she gets to combine her interest in Photography and her love of pets. 

Hannah is the mom of a cat named Sadie, and she loves treats and cuddles in that specific order. Whenever she wants food or attention she won’t meow, she will yell at you for it.  Hannah recently adopted a one eyed tortie cat named Bambi. She has the sweetest meow and her favorite food is tuna. 

“My favorite part of working here is getting the chance to create art while also meeting so many wonderful pets and pet parents! We get to capture a moment in time for our pet parents and fur babies to look back on and smile knowing they got to include the whole family in their family portraits.”

Shelby – Photographer & Post Production

Shelby was born and raised in New Jersey. She studied at a University of the Arts and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. She is very fond of animals, and is completely obsessed with photography. She fell in love with Virginia, and with the promise of an exciting, new future at Bonilla Pet Studio!

She is the proud mom of Zuko, an all black one year old kitcat with giant yellow eyes. He’s very affectionate and playful, but is shy with new humans. However, he absolutely loves other animals and always wants to make new friends.

“I love getting to meet new furry friends everyday. Also getting to stare into those adorable faces while editing the photos is such a beautiful pleasure!”

Christa – Photographer & Post Production

Christa is still working on a bio ! You’ll know more about her soon! 

Joe – Post Production

A post production enthusiast from Fredericksburg, Joe is a George Mason University alumnus and has worked in both film and photography. He has been around cats his whole life, but is excited to meet more dogs since joining the team at Bonilla Pet Studio!

“Taking the chaotic energy from the raw images and turning them into beautiful portraits is my favorite part of the job.”

Joe cares for Charlie, a tuxedo cat with the brain of a toddler at home.

Marisa –  Phone Operator

Marisa was born and raised in Wisconsin. She has always spent her time outdoors in nature surrounded by animals and plants. Besides animals and nature, she loves running (preferably on outdoor trails), hiking, learning, and baking. 

She has a flock of chickens featuring; Becky, Skillet, Steely, Lil Fran, Gilbert, Dezmo, Crate, Barrel, Piper, Poppy, and Oliva. Each one has their own unique personality and different coloring. They live the most spoiled chicken life EVER! Which includes, however is not limited to, free-ranging, pedicures, cuddles, treats, dust baths, a large coop and run, and many gardens to destroy.

Her favorite part of the job is communicating with passionate people about the pets they love! 

Blake – Animal Handler

Blake is a Texas born, Virginia raised animal enthusiast. She has worked with animals for almost 4 years now and for her there is no going back. She likes to consider herself a jack of all trades when it comes animals. When she’s not posing animals at Bonilla, she is grooming, training, and pet sitting pups and cats, and even in school to be a Veterinary Technician!

Her partners in crime are cats Nagisa and Uraraka, my lizard boys Kenji the bearded dragon, and Chong the leopard gecko.

“My favorite part of this job is getting to meet and work with your fur babies while helping encourage them to be comfortable and showcase their awesomeness.”

Jasmine-  Front Desk & Phone Operator

Jasmine is still working on her bio! You’ll know more about them soon!

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