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Your Custom Pet Portrait Theme

Your style and taste are unique, and your portrait session will be too! Check out wardrobe inspiration based on the beautiful backgrounds you selected for your portrait session and see what your artwork will look like in your home based on your personal style selections!

Your portrait photographer is excited to see your unique taste and collaborate with you!

Wardrobe inspiration from your background choices

Style Guide

Looking great on the day of your portrait may sound like a daunting task but it can actually be pretty easy if you keep some basic guidelines in mind! And that’s where our style guide is here to help!

Below are some general tips that broadly apply to almost any shoot:

  • Don’t match your pet! If you have a white pet, and wear a white shirt then your pet will disappear into your clothing. The same goes for black on black and brown on brown.

  • Plain clothing with no images and minimal pattering usually photographs very well and supports a classic look.

  • Neutral tones and jewel tones will serve you better than loud or primary colors.

  • Coordinate the whole family for a unique and seamless portrait!

For Women

  • Long sleeves tend to be more flattering than short sleeves.

  • Bringing in some makeup and hair supplies for touchups is encouraged.

  • Clothing with textures will photograph better than clothing with bold patterns.

For Men

  • Collard shirts with long sleeves offer a more professional look and may be rolled up for a casual option.

  • Short-sleeved polos with minimal patterns allow for less restrictive movement and are a more casual option.

  • Dress shoes are encouraged over sneakers or sandals.

  • Business casual attire is a good rule of thumb when picking accessories or other attire.

Artwork Inspiration

Enjoy your beautiful pet artwork in your home for years to come. Our artwork is printed on the highest quality material and is prepared with care.

  • We have something for everyone from a 5-foot wide framed canvas to a 5×7 and everything in-between including digital file options.

  • Archival materials will last at least 150 years and are resistant to yellowing and fading.

  • Mounted prints, canvases, and vivid metal presentations available. 

  • A variety of frames are available for each portrait style. Choose one that matches your home best! 

Your Artwork Reveal

Bring a tissue (or three!) to your artwork reveal in our studio!

Artwork Options for everyone

“Furever” Album

Perfect for your coffee table, bookshelf, or statement piece. These beautiful albums include 10 images with the option to purchase more. Customize your Furever album cover with many choices to choose from including leather and custom engraving. This is a purrrfect choice that includes many of your favorite portraits.

Furever albums are $1450 and include 10 portraits
Additional portraits are $55/each

Folio Boxes

Our folio box is filled with up to 10 portraits that are matted to a 5×7 or 8×10 size. The boxes are available in beautiful black, and walnut finishes. 

Folio boxes start at $1250


Tabletop prints are a beautiful and intimate choice for your home. We offer 8×10 and 11×14 portraits which can rest on a table or fireplace mantel and bring a little more love to a room or office. We offer prints, metal, and canvas options to choose from. Your tabletop portraits will be lovely and last just as long as our larger wall-mounted artwork and fit perfectly in a space such as a desk or a side table.

Tabletop prints start at $275


High-resolution digitals are available and special pricing is offered with select prints.

Digitals start at $550

Painted Artwork

Painted by our commissioned artist to truly bring your pet or even your family to life, your painted artwork will capture the essence and emotion of your beloved pet by displaying it in every brushstroke creating a truly timeless piece that will last you forever.

When you choose a 24×30, you will receive high-resolution digitals of all of the selections you choose for your artwork making this an incredible value.

Painted artwork starts at $2250

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I bring multiple pets?

    A: Yes! We love working with all kinds of pets and are used to the craziness that happens when there are a lot of them in the studio. You can feel totally comfortable knowing that we have experience working with all kinds.
  • Q: My pets don’t sit still. How will you handle them?

    A: We have experience handling all kinds of pets. None sit still. Don’t worry, we specialize in this.
  • Q: What do you mean by “artwork”?

    A: Artwork refers to Framed Art, Canvases, Albums, and Prints. They are archival and designed to last at least 150 years. You will enjoy these photographs for the rest of your life!
  • Q: How will I get my artwork and how long will it take?

    A: We would love to have you come back in 4-5 weeks and reveal your finished artwork to you. This is our favorite part of the process! 

  • Q: Can I have my artwork shipped to me?

    A: If you are unable to come back for a reveal we can ship the artwork right at your doorstep in 4-5 weeks.

  • Q: When will I see my proof images?

    A: Your images will be available for preview in the client theater within about 15 minutes of your portrait session! These are not final edits, but will give you an idea of how the finished images will look. 

  • Q: How much does all of this cost?

    A: While our prices vary on different print sizes, and we cant give a 100% firm answer and what you may spend, we do have general info on what our pricing includes here.

  • Q: Can we get the whole Family together?

    A: Yes of course! One of the most specialized things we do is photo composites. This is where we take several photos and digitally stitch them together into one dramatic finished product. 

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