Pet Photography Tips!

Everyone loves to see and share great pet photos! But in a world of smartphones and social media, sometimes we can forget to give our pets the time it takes to make something more special than the average post in your feed. That’s why we at Bonilla Pet Studio have created this guide.

We realize that not every pet photo can be a work of art ready to display in your home for years, but we do think that photos shared of your pets can be special and captivating in their own way! We’ve isolated some of the techniques and tools we use in the studio that don’t require thousands of dollars of equipment and experience, and we’ve packaged them in this handy guide.

We hope that the following tips help you celebrate your relationship with your pet in a fun and exciting way and leaves you with some fun memories to share on social media!

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The Studio Difference

We know more than anyone how much work goes into taking the perfect photo of your pet. Our studio is happy to deliver heirloom quality artwork of fur babies and their families every day to customers in Hampton Roads.

To skip the work and the stress of taking photos yourself and walk away with stunning artwork of your fur baby, we are ready and willing to schedule a session for you.

We have all the knowledge and expertise listed in this guide (and more) as well as props, backdrops, and state-of-the-art camera equipment at the ready to make beautiful artwork for your home.

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