Finished Presentations

  • Presentations: All archival and will last at least 150 years, museum quality.
  • Custom framed sprayed and mounted print. Kodak Photographic paper the finest color, tonal range and detail.
  • Photographic Canvases made with Kodak photographic paper, bonded to canvas
  • Everything is finished with a lacquer spray, making glass unnecessary.
  • Fine Art Albums with fully retouched images.

How it Works


In-person consultation at our studio in Chesapeake. We want to get to know you and your pets, to learn all about the special bond you share and any special needs your pets might have. Your portrait is designed custom for you, and your home!


Your private studio time where our photographer will work one on one with you and your pets to create your custom portraits.


A cinematic design experience where we project your proof images large, we enjoy a slideshow, we laugh, we cry, it’s amazing! We can project your images in actual size and even superimpose your portraits on to your own wall and to scale! That way you can see exactly what they will look like before investing in them.

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Pet Photography in Norfolk, Virginia


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