Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I bring multiple pets?

    A: Yes! We love working with all kinds of pets and are used to the craziness that happens when there are a lot of them in the studio. You can feel totally comfortable knowing that we have experience working with all kinds.
  • Q: My pets don’t sit still. How will you handle them?

    A: We have experience handling all kinds of pets. None sit still. Don’t worry, we specialize in this.
  • Q: What do you mean by “artwork”?

    A: Artwork refers to Framed Art, Canvases, Albums, and Prints. They are archival and designed to last at least 150 years. You will enjoy these photographs for the rest of your life!
  • Q: How will I get my artwork and how long will it take?

    A: You will receive your artwork right at your doorstep in 2-4 weeks.

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