So Your Cat Confuses Your Favorite Rug For a Litter Box:

Cats are smart, temperamental animals. So understanding them is not always an easy feat. Today we’ll get into the possible reasons as to why your cat persistently pees on your rugs/personal items. 

By Abigail Brown

Unbreakable Litter Box Rules: 

  • One large litter box, per cat. And maybe a spare for good measure
  • Place them sporadically through the home, where they will always have access to one or more
  • Never put food or water near the litter box
  • Scoop at least once daily
  • Entirely replace litter, every 5-6 days

The Unspoken Risk Of Rubber Back Rugs: 

Now we all love a beautiful rug that won’t double as an unintentional slip-n-slide, however, their non-slip backing can be the surprising cause of your cat’s naughtiness. Rubber back rugs give off an odor that cats are often not fond of, this being a beacon to your cat. Inspiring them to replace that unlikeable smell, with one they favor much more. 

Consider A Possible Health-Based Reason:

When you’re having a hard time determining why your cat is peeing where they shouldn’t, a trip to the vet can be incredibly helpful. This being a time to rule out any possible health problems your feline is having, to make a plan for necessary treatment methods, or to conclude whether or not they may need a stern talking to about an attitude adjustment. 

The ‘Tude That Ruins The Mood:

Take into account the amount of time your cat has been peeing where they shouldn’t. If the problem is not a litter box in need of a scoop, a new rug, a health condition, or a lack of access to their throne– the root could be within your cat’s emotions. If your household has gone through any recent changes, or something has happened that your feline may not be too happy about…this could be your cats way of showing you how they feel. If you would like more information Click Me for a look into the role your cat’s emotions play into their behaviors. 

For Additional Tips On How To Keep Your Kitty From Peeing Where They Shouldn’t:


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Picking The Best Buddy For You When Visiting A Shelter:

By Abigail Brown

Picking the best pet for you is an important process. So how do you know you’re getting a pet that pairs well with you and your family? Today I’ll list some tips and tricks, to help make this process easier. 


Before you visit the shelter: 

  • Be sure that everyone in your household is keen on the idea of adding a new furry family member.
  • Think about the needs of a new pet, and where you can carve out the time to care for them.
  • Be aware of any allergies in the house, so you can look for a pet that is the best fit for everyone’s needs.
  • Plan where you will put your supplies for them within the home.
  • Consider going into this process open-minded. No harm in knowing what you want– just keep in mind that if you go into your search with a limited range of options in mind, you may overlook some very sweet furry friends.
  • Take a peek online at what documentation your local shelter requires for pet adoptions.

At the shelter: 

  • Take a minute to look at the animals in their kennels before walking up to them, if they don’t yet notice you this could be a great time to get a glimpse of their temperament.
  • If the animal walks over to where you are and seems excited, feel free to kneel down and get on their level.
  • If you visit a few furry guys and one seems to stand out above all the rest, ask a member of the staff if you can meet with the dog/cat one-on-one in a private room.
  • Remember to not overlook the shy buddies, sitting down outside the kennel calmly can help lessen any hesitance they’re experiencing. And help their personality show through more with every minute you spend together. 

Integrating them into your home:

  • Don’t worry if your new friend is nervous right off the bat, it may take them some time to warm up.
  • Initially giving them a space separate from other pets in your home can be very helpful, they’ll adventure out when they’re ready. Start off with the door closed for a few hours/the majority of the day, and gradually open it for longer amounts of time– when they’re ready to explore, they will. 
  • Feed new pets in an area separate from the normal eating space of your current pets, so no competition arises.
  • Show equal love, and make playtime fun for everyone

For additional tips on introducing new pets into your home, check out the links below:



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Caring For Your Pups Fur This Winter:

With chilly weather, washing your dog can be a challenge. Being wet and chilly surely wouldn’t be our first choice, so here are some ways to make it a little easier on your furry friend.

Bathing your pet in the winter, 5 Tips:

  1. Keep your home warm, this makes the transition from dry to wet a whole lot smoother​.
  2. Minimize the amount of time your dog is ​outside​ while ​wet​ when it’s c​ old​ out.
  3. Patting a wet dog down with a​ towel​ goes a ​long way​, spend a little extra time getting excess water off— and it will do wonders to speed up the drying process.
  4.  If you bathe earlier in the day, your pet has more​ time to dry​ before it’s time for their bedtime potty break.
  5. Dry dog shampoo​ is a method some pet parents turn to, and it can be very helpful. Be sure to not use it ​too frequently​ between baths, and it just may become one of the ​niftiest​ tools you have. Check out this dry shampoo on, ​Click Me

Should you groom your pet during the winter?:

Yes, Yes, a million times yes. Winter grooming can be just as​ important​ as any other time of the year. Be sure to ​brush​ your pet​ frequently​, this helping your dogs undercoat from getting matted so it can do its job– to keep them warm and snuggly. In addition to this, it can be very important to keep the fur surrounding their paws ​trimmed ​if they’re out and about often. This area can easily become matted and cause ​discomfort​ when driveway salt, snow, etc., become tangled in your dog’s fur.

What you can do if your home is not conducive to bathing your pup in the winter:

Depending on the ​size​ and ​needs​ of your pup, it can be tough to make space or accommodate them in the ways you need. Luckily, there are businesses in most areas to help with this process. And or ways you can help adapt your home.

  1. Self-Service Grooming: Two Brothers Dog Wash is a self-service location that we at Bonilla Pet Studio ​Love​. They have state of the art​ bathing tubs​ on location, low heat, high-pressure ​drying systems​ to help beat the cold. Not to mention their fabulous staff members make you and your pets feel like a member of their ​family​. If you’re interested in finding a location similar to this ​near you​, we highly recommend a quick Google search regarding local self-service dog washing locations in your area.
  2. Purchasing an ​at-home washing tub​: Many companies offer washing tubs that are great options for a ​do-it-yourself ​ method of washing your dog. Click this link to see one of our favorites. ​It’s me, I’m the link 🙂
  3. A little creativity goes a long way. Whether it be in your home, or at another location— I’m sure your pup will ​enjoy​ the ​attention ​all the same.

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The Wonderful World Of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make for fabulous pets, in so many ways. Being less fragile than rabbits or hamsters, while not being nearly as skittish as other kinds of rodents– they can be a perfect fit for many households. Today we’re going to get into everything you need to know about guinea pigs, and how to choose the right one for you.

5 things that make guinea pigs one endlessly cool pet to have:

  1. In comparison to most animals, guinea pigs are by far one of the ​easiest to care for​ household pets.
  2. Guinea pigs are ​social animals​, so having multiple at one time is a fairly easy thing to do. Once warmed up to their owners, they love to be held and shown affection. Making them great pets for kids!
  3. When a guinea pig is nice and healthy, they have a typically ​long life span. Most of which living 5-7 years, and on occasion making it into their teen years!
  4. “​ Popping”​ Some guinea pigs have a funny little quirk where they ​jump up in the air and ​squeal​ while shocking the first few times you see it– this is something most guinea owners find absolutely adorable​.
  5. Guinea pigs genuinely ​love humans​ and interacting with them. Unlike other rodents, they are very well suited for individuals who love frequent one-on-one time with their pets.

Guinea pig dietary needs:

Guinea pigs are​ herbivores​, this means that their diet is made up of plants,​ fruits​, and ​vegetables​. They eat in the morning and evening, and the base of their diet is hay and or food pellets. A diet of hay or pellets and fruits/vegetables here

and there is a great way to keep your guinea pig their most happy and healthy self.

Tip–​ Keeping in mind the ​sugar content​ in fruits, feeding your guinea pig fewer fruits and more vegetables is ideal. It’s very important for the happiness of their tummy, that you find a balance regarding the number of fruits, vegetables, and treats you give your guinea pig.

For more information, check out t​his link​ to’s page on guinea pig care.

Top 10 musts on how to care for a guinea pig:

  1. Your guinea pig will need a spacious cage​, big enough to give them and any other guinea’s you have the room they need. This can be fairly large, depending on how many you intend to home in one cage.
  2. A well-balanced​ diet​,before adding a guinea pig to your family– doing research on the best ways to feed them/what to feed them is a ​must​. Like any other animal, they have a very specific set of needs, but once you get the hang of those needs, owning one is a breeze.
  3. Playtime, guinea pigs are very ​social animals​. Especially if they don’t have a brother or sister guinea to keep them company, make sure that you or a family member can carve a little ​time​ out of each day to love them up.
  4. Toy selection. Buying your pet’s toys can be a very fun process, and every guinea owner should keep in mind a few things: -Getting a little crafty, can go a long way when making pet toys. And although guinea pigs do enjoy chewing on cardboard, it is recommended that you not give your guinea used toilet paper rolls​ to chew. As glues used on the rolls can be harmful, and the cardboard can cause ​digestive issues.​ For a great alternative, click here​.

-When buying your guinea pig wood toys/ structures, be sure to check for splinters​ in the wood before giving them to your pet. And if you see any, just go ahead and tug them off for an ​easy fix!​

-Guinea’s love to hide​, so consider buying them an edible house​ to scurry into. It makes for both a lovely place to nap and a tasty snack.

– Felt based beds and blankets make for super cozy places to cuddle up in, and endless fun for a hide-n-seek loving guinea. As fabrics of any kind + pets often = STINKY.​ Just be sure to use pet-friendly cleaners​ when washing, and to air dry those bad boys.

How to pick the right guinea pig for you:

For a pet lover or family looking into a guinea pig, it can be very important to find the one that fits best with your family and to know your options when buying. Here are a few tips on how to find the best one for you​.

  • Look into​ local shelters,​ a surprising amount of shelters have lovely guinea pigs just looking for the perfect home. So give your local shelter a call, and ask about their availability!
  • Take some time to sit with a guinea pig that you are meeting, so you can get to know their personality.​ It’s a bit scary meeting a new person, so some guinea pigs will be scared or timid. A little one-on-one time goes a long way towards seeing an animal’s true personality.
  •  Keep the possibility of an ​allergy​ in mind. Before purchasing a guinea, go meet and hold a guinea pig at a shelter/pet store if you (or any family members) can. This can be a great way to make sure there’s no​ itchy bumps​ or ​watering eyes​ to come!
  • Find a place in your home suited to house a guinea pig cage, as they’re​ larger than a hamster cage you want to make sure you have ​enough room​ to suit their needs.
  • Trust your ​instincts,​ you know better than anyone what you or your family is looking for in the perfect pet! Every animal has its own unique personality. Go with your gut, and don’t be afraid to take a chance and hold a potential new guinea friend. Odds are they’re just as ​nervous ​as you are, and could turn out to be your very best friend​ :)

How to find a vet that will see your guinea pig:

As guinea pigs are considered ​exotic animals​, not every vet will accept them as a patient. There are a few ways you can go about doing this, we highly recommend the following.

  • Do a quick google search​ of local vets in your area that takes guinea pigs
  • Ask around and see if any guinea owners have a favorite vet to visit, or know of any​ good locations
  • When all else fails, look into a couple of vets nearest to you and don’t be shy! Call​ to ask them directly about whether or not they see guinea pigs.

For additional info check out the links below for more information on Guinea pigs:

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

How To Know If A Guinea Pig Is The Right Pet For You

Things To Know Before Adopting A Guinea Pig

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Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Pets Active And Happy This Winter

Winter’s chilly weather can take a toll on humans and animals alike. And it can put a serious damper on your pets outdoor fun, today we’re gonna talk about some of our favorite ways to make this winter a little more bearable for your furry friends.


Keeping a few toys on hand to stimulate your pet, and get their blood pumping is a great method of keeping them active and healthy. For added effect, you can go ahead and put these toys near where you feed your furry buddy– so they can work off those extra treats right away. And remember folks, a little catnip goes a long way.

Down below are links to our 5 favorite cat toy options.

  1. Electric Flutter Rotating Butterfly
  2. Non-Handheld Cat Chaser Toy
  3. 3-Level Interactive Play and Exercise
  4. Feather Cat Teaser Toy
  5. Cat Toys Assortment, 29 Pieces


We wear boots and fuzzy socks around this time of year to keep our feet nice and toasty, and sometimes our pets could use a little added warmth too- to make their chilly outside time even more fun. A stellar way to protect fuzzy feet is to invest in a pair of booties for your pup. Down below are 3 pairs that go the extra mile in both cuteness and functionality.

  1. Black Booties For pups Big And Small
  2. Booties With Added Traction For An Active Pup
  3. A Super Cute Boot For Pets Of All Sizes


Like the seasons, the ways we keep our pets safe changes just a tad this time of year. Giving your dog the best winter possible is a breeze when you keep a few things in mind. Down below are our top 5 ways to keep your dog healthy and safe this winter.

  1. Do not leave your dog in a car unattended.

With how chilly the interior of your car can become around this time of year, leaving your pup in a cold car for too long can have a negative effect on their health. So consider leaving them home to catch up on some binge-watching, or check out what places are pup-friendly— so you can bring them on outings with you!

  1. Exercise to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

A great way to keep your pet in good spirits and in shape is to keep them as active as possible. We know this can be a tad hard to manage when it’s chilly out, so here are a few tips and ideas for giving your pup the playtime they need.

  • Look into indoor dog parks in your area, this is a great way to keep them out of the cold and a perfect opportunity for your pup to make some new friends
  • Bundle them up. Getting your pet a jacket and a pair of boots can be the perfect way to ensure they get all of the outside time their heart desires.
  • Create a ‘Playroom’ for your pet. You can do this by clearing furniture from a chosen space/room to give your pet a safe area to play in. For added fun, you could even add indoor climbing mats for your pup.
  1. Keeping an eye on your pet if cold symptoms present.

Just like us, pets are more prone to being sick during the colder months. If your furry pal starts showing any signs of being sick, reach out to your veterinarian as soon as possible– so they can help ensure your pet is as happy and healthy as can be.

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Keeping your dog hydrated is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer, especially with how dry the air can be around this time. Make sure your pet has fresh water as often as possible, and they’re sure to be happy campers.

  1. Our most important tip of all: Family time.

There’s nothing that matters more to your pet or makes them happier than all the love you give them. Spend time as a family, share laughs, and enjoy every little moment. Because when your pet is with you, that’s the happiest they’ll ever be.

Whether it be cuddling at night, keeping them warm and fed, or playtime during the day– your pet appreciates all the little things you do. We at Bonilla Pet Studio would like you to let you know how amazing you are and to keep it up, pet parents! Your love for your pet is a bond unlike any other.

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Come See Us at the Hampton Roads Home Show!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back with exciting news! (and a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT)

Bonilla Pet Photography will be at the Hampton Roads Home Show this upcoming weekend! We’ll be there:

  • Saturday, February 9th from 10AM-6PM

  • Sunday, February 10th from 11AM-5PM

For those of you who are new to the HRHS, this show “features landscaping companies, remodeling contractors, interior decorating companies, and more, at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.”

The tickets cost $10 CASH at the door (or $7 if you purchase online), $5 for Active and Retired Military (with a valid ID), and free for anyone under 18.

We’ll be there with a booth of our ~finest~ art pieces, and warmly welcome you all to come and experience the fun for yourselves! We have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to make at the show as well, so you might as well come and find out what it is! 🙂

Here’s a link to a complete list of all the companies who will be participating this year:

Hope to see you there!


Bonilla Pet Photography

Buy a book to benefit the SPCA

Bonilla Pet Photography is proud to announce that we have first edition, artist signed books available for purchase and the proceeds donated to the VASPCA.

This beautiful book includes portraits of all kinds of dogs having their hair blown around and looking fabulous. You’ve never seen dogs like this before! These artistic portraits are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.

From The VASPCA website:

It is the mission of the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VBSPCA) to create a more humane and responsible community by eliminating animal suffering while increasing human compassion.

Please consider purchasing this book for yourself or as a gift for the animal lover in your life!

See us at the Bodacious Bazaar!

The amazing Bodacious Bazaar is taking place in Hampton next weekend! I have heard it is a fantastic show! The vendors who attend have unique and high quality products. I hope I get some time to walk to the show and spend some Christmas money!

I will have my booth at the show as well! And new for this show, we will have gift certificates you can purchase at a discount. For example we will have a $500 gift certificate you can purchase for only $299!!

I will also have a sign up for a free sitting!! So come out and see us. This is a great opportunity to purchase a pet portrait for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!

Find the show details below:

3 Day Shopping Extravaganza
November 9, 10 & 11, 2018

Facebook Event:


Santa is coming to Bonilla Pet Photography!!!! Get your Christmas Cards!!

October 20th 9:00 am-7:00 pm

3552 Collins Blvd. Suite A
Chesapeake, VA 23321

Bring your fur babies in to get a beautiful portrait made with Santa in his workshop!!

The cost is $145 and for that, you get:
An exclusive time with Santa to create your Christmas Card image
25 glossy 5×7 Christmas cards
Maximum of 4 pets/people
The social media file for sharing with your friends!
Additional cards available for $65 for 25.

Reserve your spot today, they won’t be available for long!

*all sales are final* *The above image is a stock image and not our Santa*

Reserve Your Time Slot HERE

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