Caring For Your Pups Fur This Winter:

With chilly weather, washing your dog can be a challenge. Being wet and chilly surely wouldn’t be our first choice, so here are some ways to make it a little easier on your furry friend.

Bathing your pet in the winter, 5 Tips:

  1. Keep your home warm, this makes the transition from dry to wet a whole lot smoother​.
  2. Minimize the amount of time your dog is ​outside​ while ​wet​ when it’s c​ old​ out.
  3. Patting a wet dog down with a​ towel​ goes a ​long way​, spend a little extra time getting excess water off— and it will do wonders to speed up the drying process.
  4.  If you bathe earlier in the day, your pet has more​ time to dry​ before it’s time for their bedtime potty break.
  5. Dry dog shampoo​ is a method some pet parents turn to, and it can be very helpful. Be sure to not use it ​too frequently​ between baths, and it just may become one of the ​niftiest​ tools you have. Check out this dry shampoo on, ​Click Me

Should you groom your pet during the winter?:

Yes, Yes, a million times yes. Winter grooming can be just as​ important​ as any other time of the year. Be sure to ​brush​ your pet​ frequently​, this helping your dogs undercoat from getting matted so it can do its job– to keep them warm and snuggly. In addition to this, it can be very important to keep the fur surrounding their paws ​trimmed ​if they’re out and about often. This area can easily become matted and cause ​discomfort​ when driveway salt, snow, etc., become tangled in your dog’s fur.

What you can do if your home is not conducive to bathing your pup in the winter:

Depending on the ​size​ and ​needs​ of your pup, it can be tough to make space or accommodate them in the ways you need. Luckily, there are businesses in most areas to help with this process. And or ways you can help adapt your home.

  1. Self-Service Grooming: Two Brothers Dog Wash is a self-service location that we at Bonilla Pet Studio ​Love​. They have state of the art​ bathing tubs​ on location, low heat, high-pressure ​drying systems​ to help beat the cold. Not to mention their fabulous staff members make you and your pets feel like a member of their ​family​. If you’re interested in finding a location similar to this ​near you​, we highly recommend a quick Google search regarding local self-service dog washing locations in your area.
  2. Purchasing an ​at-home washing tub​: Many companies offer washing tubs that are great options for a ​do-it-yourself ​ method of washing your dog. Click this link to see one of our favorites. ​It’s me, I’m the link 🙂
  3. A little creativity goes a long way. Whether it be in your home, or at another location— I’m sure your pup will ​enjoy​ the ​attention ​all the same.

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