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Caring For Your Pups Fur This Winter:

With chilly weather, washing your dog can be a challenge. Being wet and chilly surely wouldn’t be our first choice, so here are some ways to make it a little easier on your furry friend.

Bathing your pet in the winter, 5 Tips:

  1. Keep your home warm, this makes the transition from dry to wet a whole lot smoother​.
  2. Minimize the amount of time your dog is ​outside​ while ​wet​ when it’s c​ old​ out.
  3. Patting a wet dog down with a​ towel​ goes a ​long way​, spend a little extra time getting excess water off— and it will do wonders to speed up the drying process.
  4.  If you bathe earlier in the day, your pet has more​ time to dry​ before it’s time for their bedtime potty break.
  5. Dry dog shampoo​ is a method some pet parents turn to, and it can be very helpful. Be sure to not use it ​too frequently​ between baths, and it just may become one of the ​niftiest​ tools you have. Check out this dry shampoo on, ​Click Me

Should you groom your pet during the winter?:

Yes, Yes, a million times yes. Winter grooming can be just as​ important​ as any other time of the year. Be sure to ​brush​ your pet​ frequently​, this helping your dogs undercoat from getting matted so it can do its job– to keep them warm and snuggly. In addition to this, it can be very important to keep the fur surrounding their paws ​trimmed ​if they’re out and about often. This area can easily become matted and cause ​discomfort​ when driveway salt, snow, etc., become tangled in your dog’s fur.

What you can do if your home is not conducive to bathing your pup in the winter:

Depending on the ​size​ and ​needs​ of your pup, it can be tough to make space or accommodate them in the ways you need. Luckily, there are businesses in most areas to help with this process. And or ways you can help adapt your home.

  1. Self-Service Grooming: Two Brothers Dog Wash is a self-service location that we at Bonilla Pet Studio ​Love​. They have state of the art​ bathing tubs​ on location, low heat, high-pressure ​drying systems​ to help beat the cold. Not to mention their fabulous staff members make you and your pets feel like a member of their ​family​. If you’re interested in finding a location similar to this ​near you​, we highly recommend a quick Google search regarding local self-service dog washing locations in your area.
  2. Purchasing an ​at-home washing tub​: Many companies offer washing tubs that are great options for a ​do-it-yourself ​ method of washing your dog. Click this link to see one of our favorites. ​It’s me, I’m the link 🙂
  3. A little creativity goes a long way. Whether it be in your home, or at another location— I’m sure your pup will ​enjoy​ the ​attention ​all the same.

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5 Ways Your Pets Are Showing You They Love You:

Treats, cuddles, walks in the park, and bully rubs– we have endless ways to show our pets that we love them dearly. But, how do we know what they’re trying to say back? Down below are five things your pet does to show you that you are someone extra special to them.

1. When your dog or cat licks/grooms you.

Not only could they be showing you that they find you awful tasty,  this is also a way that many kinds of animals show their affection for you. At a young age, animals are both licked for grooming, and as a way for their mothers to show their love in a slightly damp–but oh so cute manner.

2.  When your cat/dog catches and brings you animals or bugs.

Although this may not be the kind of present you had in mind, a creepy-crawly left at your front door is often your pal’s way of providing for you, in the ways a mother would their child–and showing their appreciation. Oh boy, how great it would be if they could grab you a Starbucks here and there! Hopefully, you’re not squeamish, because this could be your furry guys equivalent of a handwritten thank you note.

3. When your cat kneads you or digs their claws into your lap.

Now it may be a little hard to see the discomfort of your cat’s claws digging into your thigh as a form of flattery, but you’d be surprised by the meaning behind it. An adult cat will often knead their owner when they are feeling happy and comfortable. A good way to make this sign of affection a little less uncomfortable is to cover your lap in a thick blanket, so their claws can’t getcha’ –and to let your feline have at it.

4.  When your pet has the happy wiggles anytime you arrive home or waits by doors for you.

A more easily noticed sign that your pet loves you to pieces, is when they can hardly contain their excitement whenever they see you. Wagging tails, tongues sticking out and excited barks/meows are all signs that your furry friend loves you to no end. This can even be shown by them waiting outside of your bedroom and bathroom for you– when they stick like glue, there’s no doubt they love you.

5. When your pet yawns with you, or after you from time to time.

Do you ever catch your pet yawning right after you, when you’re spending time together? If so, this could be a sign that they are very close to you emotionally. A strong bond between pet parents and their furry friends can be the root of them occasionally mimicking your behaviors.

Whether it be cuddling at night, keeping them warm and fed, or playtime during the day– your pet appreciates all the little things you do. We at Bonilla Pet Studio would like you to let you know how amazing you are and to keep it up, pet parents! Your love for your pet is a bond unlike any other.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Pets Active And Happy This Winter

Winter’s chilly weather can take a toll on humans and animals alike. And it can put a serious damper on your pets outdoor fun, today we’re gonna talk about some of our favorite ways to make this winter a little more bearable for your furry friends.


Keeping a few toys on hand to stimulate your pet, and get their blood pumping is a great method of keeping them active and healthy. For added effect, you can go ahead and put these toys near where you feed your furry buddy– so they can work off those extra treats right away. And remember folks, a little catnip goes a long way.

Down below are links to our 5 favorite cat toy options.

  1. Electric Flutter Rotating Butterfly
  2. Non-Handheld Cat Chaser Toy
  3. 3-Level Interactive Play and Exercise
  4. Feather Cat Teaser Toy
  5. Cat Toys Assortment, 29 Pieces


We wear boots and fuzzy socks around this time of year to keep our feet nice and toasty, and sometimes our pets could use a little added warmth too- to make their chilly outside time even more fun. A stellar way to protect fuzzy feet is to invest in a pair of booties for your pup. Down below are 3 pairs that go the extra mile in both cuteness and functionality.

  1. Black Booties For pups Big And Small
  2. Booties With Added Traction For An Active Pup
  3. A Super Cute Boot For Pets Of All Sizes


Like the seasons, the ways we keep our pets safe changes just a tad this time of year. Giving your dog the best winter possible is a breeze when you keep a few things in mind. Down below are our top 5 ways to keep your dog healthy and safe this winter.

  1. Do not leave your dog in a car unattended.

With how chilly the interior of your car can become around this time of year, leaving your pup in a cold car for too long can have a negative effect on their health. So consider leaving them home to catch up on some binge-watching, or check out what places are pup-friendly— so you can bring them on outings with you!

  1. Exercise to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

A great way to keep your pet in good spirits and in shape is to keep them as active as possible. We know this can be a tad hard to manage when it’s chilly out, so here are a few tips and ideas for giving your pup the playtime they need.

  • Look into indoor dog parks in your area, this is a great way to keep them out of the cold and a perfect opportunity for your pup to make some new friends
  • Bundle them up. Getting your pet a jacket and a pair of boots can be the perfect way to ensure they get all of the outside time their heart desires.
  • Create a ‘Playroom’ for your pet. You can do this by clearing furniture from a chosen space/room to give your pet a safe area to play in. For added fun, you could even add indoor climbing mats for your pup.
  1. Keeping an eye on your pet if cold symptoms present.

Just like us, pets are more prone to being sick during the colder months. If your furry pal starts showing any signs of being sick, reach out to your veterinarian as soon as possible– so they can help ensure your pet is as happy and healthy as can be.

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Keeping your dog hydrated is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer, especially with how dry the air can be around this time. Make sure your pet has fresh water as often as possible, and they’re sure to be happy campers.

  1. Our most important tip of all: Family time.

There’s nothing that matters more to your pet or makes them happier than all the love you give them. Spend time as a family, share laughs, and enjoy every little moment. Because when your pet is with you, that’s the happiest they’ll ever be.

Whether it be cuddling at night, keeping them warm and fed, or playtime during the day– your pet appreciates all the little things you do. We at Bonilla Pet Studio would like you to let you know how amazing you are and to keep it up, pet parents! Your love for your pet is a bond unlike any other.

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Dressing Your Furry Friends Up for Halloween:

The popularity of dressing your pets up for Halloween has risen dramatically within the last few years. Cute, scary, and everything in between– this is a trend we welcome with open arms. And here are our thoughts on how to find the best possible costume for your pet.

 Watch out, the force is certainly with this feline.

Watch out, the force is certainly with this feline.

Diving in, safety is a very real factor that should be considered when picking out the perfect costume for your four-legged friend. Below are bullet points listing a few things to keep in mind while perusing your options.

  • You want your animal to be their happiest, most comfortable selves; this can be achieved by making sure their costume is lightweight, does not restrict movement, and does not block their line of vision.

  • Keep in mind that any dangling pieces or embellishments can be confused for a tasty snack, and very quickly become a choking hazard— or the cause of a very upset tummy.

  • Animals are often seen as young children and can require an equal amount of supervision. Upon putting your buddy in a costume, be sure not to leave them alone for long periods of time.

We understand that as much as we enjoy to see them all dressed up, our four-legged friends may require a little more convincing. Whether your puppy can’t sit still, or your feline friend Petunia is a tad worried all that fluff won’t fit into her Princess Leia costume–here are a few tips and tricks to help ease your hesitant pet into putting on a costume.

  • Getting dressed up can be a little stressful for an animal who is not used to doing so. Making sure you’re in a calm, quiet environment while introducing your pet to their costume can go a long way.

  • If your pet seems fairly skittish, be sure to give them a good deal of affection to help them calm down throughout this process.

  • Treats, Treats, and more Treats. It is Halloween after all, giving your animal friend a little something tasty will definitely improve their mood and hopefully make them more willing to work with you.

  • When you’ve got a very excited pupper on your hands, getting them to sit still can be tough, to say the least. A toy on hand to distract them with can be the handiest of tools in this situation.

  • And lastly, you know your furry friend best of all. Do whatever you feel will make them the most comfortable, and most of all have fun.

 Taco-Bout rocking your costume, this pup sure knows how to steal the show.

Taco-Bout rocking your costume, this pup sure knows how to steal the show.

Now, here’s the fun part that we’ve all been waiting for. Picking out the costume you feel fits your buddy the best. Below are 10 of our favorite pet costumes for this Halloween. Be it cute, funny, or scary, we’re sure your four-legged pal will truly knock this Halloweens socks off.

  1. For a dog who wants all eyes on them and a more lightweight costume, a saddled cowboy on their back can make them feel like they’re in the wild, wild west. Can you say “Yeehaw”? Click here to see.

  2. Whether they’re a cowardly lion or a large and in charge pup who wants everyone to know they’re king of the jungle, this mane is sure to put a pep in your dog’s step. Click here to see.

  3. For your feline or small dog who likes to keep surround themselves in a little bit of mystery, this vampire costume will simply drive you batty with its cuteness. Click here to see.

  4. And we’d never forget about our smaller friends. This guinea pig costume lets everyone know that they may be prickly or grumpy on the outside at times, but they sure are sweet on the inside. Click here to see.

  5. For a pup who always saves the day, they’ll be flying high with this super look. Click here to see.

  6. With this Ewok costume, you and your pup can let your geek flag fly. Click here to see.

  7. Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? Now imagine an adorable canine delivering it. Sounds like a dream, am I right? Well, this costume makes your dreams come true. Click here to see.

  8. For dogs big and small who can’t wait to make like Freddie Krueger, and tear this Halloween up. Click here to see.

  9. A bewitching getup for the kitty who puts the Bubble, Bubble, Toil, And Trouble into your life. Click here to see.

  10. With this bumblebee costume, a buzz will surely get going about how good your cat/dog looks. Click here to see.

 Look! An adorable Uni-Pug in their natural habitat.

Look! An adorable Uni-Pug in their natural habitat.

Bonilla Pet Studio

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Come See Us at the Hampton Roads Home Show!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back with exciting news! (and a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT)

Bonilla Pet Photography will be at the Hampton Roads Home Show this upcoming weekend! We’ll be there:

  • Saturday, February 9th from 10AM-6PM

  • Sunday, February 10th from 11AM-5PM

For those of you who are new to the HRHS, this show “features landscaping companies, remodeling contractors, interior decorating companies, and more, at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.”

The tickets cost $10 CASH at the door (or $7 if you purchase online), $5 for Active and Retired Military (with a valid ID), and free for anyone under 18.

We’ll be there with a booth of our ~finest~ art pieces, and warmly welcome you all to come and experience the fun for yourselves! We have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to make at the show as well, so you might as well come and find out what it is! 🙂

Here’s a link to a complete list of all the companies who will be participating this year:

Hope to see you there!


Bonilla Pet Photography

Buy a book to benefit the SPCA

Bonilla Pet Photography is proud to announce that we have first edition, artist signed books available for purchase and the proceeds donated to the VASPCA.

This beautiful book includes portraits of all kinds of dogs having their hair blown around and looking fabulous. You’ve never seen dogs like this before! These artistic portraits are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.

From The VASPCA website:

It is the mission of the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VBSPCA) to create a more humane and responsible community by eliminating animal suffering while increasing human compassion.

Please consider purchasing this book for yourself or as a gift for the animal lover in your life!


Does your dog ever start running around the house like a crazy creature, for absolutely no reason at all? Say hello to the zoomies.

Wait…the what??

The term “zoomies” is used to describe the quick, random bursts of energy that many dogs seem to experience. To get technical, these episodes of high energy are called “Frenetic Random Activity Periods” and they are usually just your dog releasing pent-up energy. More often than not, these episodes seem to come out of nowhere, but they can be brought on by excitement. If your dog sees someone they know, or maybe just had a really good poop, they can then suddenly get the zoomies!

Speaking from experience, depending on the size of your dog, the zoomies are potentially dangerous for innocent bystanders. My neighbor has both a Golden Retriever and a sprained ankle. She had the misfortune of stepping into her dogs path during a post-poop zoomie, and was knocked right over into her pool.

Most cases of the zoomies only last a couple of minutes, and they are very entertaining to watch, but be warned – many dogs seem incapable of hearing their owners and following commands while racing around. Zoomies seem to put dogs into their own little worlds.

So the next time your dog has got a case of the zoomies, just make sure you stay out of their way and wait it out. The zoomies are a natural part of being a dog, so sit back, relax, and (most importantly) enjoy the show.

Meghan, Bonilla Pet Photography

Everything You Need to Know about Catnip

What is Catnip?

Catnip (or, Nepeta Cataria) is a species of plant that contains a substance called nepetalactone, which cats find to be very appealing. Cats can detect catnip, and their consumption of it causes behavioral changes in our furry friends due to its chemical composition. Which leads me to my next point…

Why Does Catnip Affect Cats?

Some believe catnip triggers receptors that mimic feline pheromones, and that it can act like an aphrodisiac. Catnip can result in behaviors ranging from bouncing off the walls to getting sleepy, and also has several health benefits for cats. But don’t worry, catnip is non-addictive, and your cats behavior should go back to normal within 10-15 minutes. It’s estimated that about 30-50% of cats don’t even have a reaction to catnip!

Can Cats Eat Catnip?

Catnip is completely safe for your cats to ingest, is supposed to have a lemony or minty taste, and is related to oregano and basil. That being said, with all of the options on the pet market today, concerned cat owners should definitely do their research before offering any catnip treats to their feline friends.

What to Keep in Mind:

When considering buying catnip for your fur-babies, be sure to take into consideration how many cats you have as catnip can affect them all differently (and we certainly don’t want anyone to end up upset or hurt.) Also, be sure to take any health related issues into consideration, as catnip may be able to work wonders for their health! Most importantly, search for quality products. With catnip, you’ll want to look for something 100% natural, fresh, and with no hard stems that may potentially cause injury.

So, now you know everything there is to know about catnip.

Meghan. Bonilla Pet Photography

Dyeing Your Pets Hair: Cute or Completely Crazy?

There’s no denying that a perfectly styled and dyed dog is beyond adorable, but I’m sure we’ve all had the lingering thought of whether or not it’s totally good for the dog’s wellbeing. I recently saw a discussion about this very topic in a Facebook page I’m a part of, so here’s what I’ve come up with on the matter:

If you’re reading this and thinking “But my dog would look so cute with purple hair!”, the good news is, there are quite a few completely safe ways to bring some color into your pets lives. Food coloring, or even natural dyes from foods (like beets for pink tones) are natural and non-toxic ways to add some color to your pets hair. There are also dyes made just for pets, like gels, hairsprays, and fur chalks that come in all sorts of colors and tend to wash out with soap and water.

Now, I don’t know if these safe options means you should dye your pets hair. Pet experts like Cesar Milan have cautioned against the idea, noting that it could potentially add unnecessary stress to your pets.

Personally, I think it’s super cute when people dye the tips of their dogs ears or their tails. However, I know my dog would never stand for it, and she already hates baths enough as it is. She would never sit still long enough to let dye take!

So I say, you know your dog better than the rest of us. If you think it’s cute to style and dye your pups and you know they’ll be fine with the process, and you do it SAFELY, then let them rock some purple hair!

What do you guys think?

Meghan, Bonilla Pet Photography

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