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Erin Bonilla, CPP

Hi, I am Erin Bonilla (pronounced "Bon-ee-a"). I am the wife of a military officer, the mother of 4 young children, and a PPA Certified Professional Photographer. 

I believe that animals are an expression of God's love, and I thought that was a beautiful description of the role pets have in our lives. With our precious pets we laugh more, love more, and enjoy our lives more. We should return their love with as much devotion as they give to us. We like to take great care of them, to make sure they have the best food, the best care, and are as happy and healthy as they can be! They deserve to be remembered in the best way too, with a beautiful artistic portrait.

My goal as a pet portrait photographer is to capture the personality and uniqueness of your pet in a beautiful portrait. I want you to enjoy the portrait for the rest of your life, long after your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge. I had a yellow lab for 13 years, his name was Jive and he was one of the most important parts of my childhood and growing up. I wish I had portraits of him that show how obsessed he was with water, and how much he was totally devoted to me. I know that if I did, those portraits would bring joy to my life every single day. I want to provide that for people who still have their pets with them now. 

In 15 years, how do you want to remember your companion animal? What is it about them that makes them who they are? How do they bring joy to your life?

Please call me if you are interested in a pet portrait. I would love to help bring joy to your life for years to come with images of your beloved pets. 

(757) 912-5862

Your pet will feel at home in the only dedicated pet portrait studio in Hampton Roads. Specializing in pets allows me to design my studio to accommodate my clients and their pets. That means that I take measures to ensure their safety and comfort. All of the props are pet sized and some are designed for pets! I have a whole box that is just hats! We are the pet portrait experts and we can work with all kinds of animals of varying temperaments and levels of obedience. We only use positive reinforcement and are never harsh or pushy with the animals. With pet portraits, patience is key.

Awards and Publications

Erin recently won the following awards from the Virginia Professional Photographer’s Association:

Top Ten Photographer for the state of Virginia 2019

CPP Competition Award

Court of Honor (2nd place) Pet Image “Bitches Coven”

Best Portrait of a Pet 2018.jpg

Virginia Professional Photographers Association


Best Portrait of a


"Awards Corner" in my studio

"Awards Corner" in my studio


First Place

#1 0f 85 

Ocean View Art Show, 2017 

Award for "Ride Naked"

First Place for Photography

Williamsburg "Art on the Square" 2017

Selected for Judging

1 of 60 selected out of over 270 artists

Boardwalk Art Show, 2017

Honorable Mention

Ocean View Art Show 2016

Honorable Mention 

Ocean View Art Show 2015


The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center: Small Works and Miniatures by Tidewater Artists 2017 Exhibition.

I was invited to have 4 pieces in the exhibition. This was my first gallery invitation.

Boudoir Guinea

Boudoir Guinea

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