5 Ways Your Pets Are Showing You They Love You:

Treats, cuddles, walks in the park, and bully rubs– we have endless ways to show our pets that we love them dearly. But, how do we know what they’re trying to say back? Down below are five things your pet does to show you that you are someone extra special to them.

1. When your dog or cat licks/grooms you.

Not only could they be showing you that they find you awful tasty,  this is also a way that many kinds of animals show their affection for you. At a young age, animals are both licked for grooming, and as a way for their mothers to show their love in a slightly damp–but oh so cute manner.

2.  When your cat/dog catches and brings you animals or bugs.

Although this may not be the kind of present you had in mind, a creepy-crawly left at your front door is often your pal’s way of providing for you, in the ways a mother would their child–and showing their appreciation. Oh boy, how great it would be if they could grab you a Starbucks here and there! Hopefully, you’re not squeamish, because this could be your furry guys equivalent of a handwritten thank you note.

3. When your cat kneads you or digs their claws into your lap.

Now it may be a little hard to see the discomfort of your cat’s claws digging into your thigh as a form of flattery, but you’d be surprised by the meaning behind it. An adult cat will often knead their owner when they are feeling happy and comfortable. A good way to make this sign of affection a little less uncomfortable is to cover your lap in a thick blanket, so their claws can’t getcha’ –and to let your feline have at it.

4.  When your pet has the happy wiggles anytime you arrive home or waits by doors for you.

A more easily noticed sign that your pet loves you to pieces, is when they can hardly contain their excitement whenever they see you. Wagging tails, tongues sticking out and excited barks/meows are all signs that your furry friend loves you to no end. This can even be shown by them waiting outside of your bedroom and bathroom for you– when they stick like glue, there’s no doubt they love you.

5. When your pet yawns with you, or after you from time to time.

Do you ever catch your pet yawning right after you, when you’re spending time together? If so, this could be a sign that they are very close to you emotionally. A strong bond between pet parents and their furry friends can be the root of them occasionally mimicking your behaviors.

Whether it be cuddling at night, keeping them warm and fed, or playtime during the day– your pet appreciates all the little things you do. We at Bonilla Pet Studio would like you to let you know how amazing you are and to keep it up, pet parents! Your love for your pet is a bond unlike any other.

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