To Declaw or Not to Declaw

By: Sarrah Isenhour

As the parent to a fur baby you have a huge responsibility. Let’s face it: Mr. Mittens has not mastered the art of human language, and it is up to you to determine what is in your feline’s best interest. Knowing this, many parents of purring bundles of joy (or adorable disdain) will ask themselves whether or not to declaw their fish-loving feline friend.

Declawing your cat involves a serious surgery and is more than just removing a claw. The surgery removes the entire toe bone and claw. Imagine if you got a surgery to remove the last knuckle in each of your fingertips—yep, that’s what a declawed cat will experience. If you just cringed, you’re not alone. The most difficult part continues after the declawing procedure where your mewling fur baby has an increased chance of arthritis, behavioral issues, litter box challenges, and post-surgical infection.

When making care decisions for your fuzzy (or hairless) purr box, be sure to talk to your vet and get all the facts. Declawing your cat is almost always optional, and your super-busy vet may not go over every detail with you unless you ask further questions. Before making this decision for your feline fur baby, make sure you have all the facts because once those claws are gone, there is no turning back for Mr. Mittens.

Sarrah Isenhour is the Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales at Bonilla Pet Photography. She loves her four finicky feline fur babies and one precocious pooch. Animal advocacy is her passion as is celebrating the bond people have with their pets.

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